The FRIEDA is our signature dress made of 100% Linen. It is a simple yet elegant all season essential. 


Worn with a flower crown as a belt it makes a beautiful outfit to shine at your best friend’s wedding. Wear it with casual sneakers or flats in combination with our round buckled leather belt for your daily routines. Gloss it up with some funky high heels and a cool silk scarf to spark at every party. 


FRIEDA has become a great dress for all needs and body types. 


The deep wrap neckline can be worn at the front or at the back. It has dolman sleeves and cuffs and the waistband is generous and sits where it feels most comfortable. The skirt has a midi-length and comes with pockets - we highly believe no dress should come without them!


Do you feel the midi-length is too long for you? Feel free to contact your local tailor to help you out! We kept the seam as simple as possible, so individual fixes can be done quick and beautifully.



€ 175,00Price
  • Both variations fit ALL BODY TYPES - from a XS-L - the DIFFERENCE in sizing lies in the BODY HEIGHT and the resulting distribution of fabric. Don’t be surprised: our FRIEDA is NOT a fitted dress.


    From a body-height up to 175cm we recommend the SMALL-PETITE and it works for a XS - L.


    From a body-height of 175cm and up we recommend the MEDIUM-REGULAR and it works for a XS - L.


    Please feel free to contact us at ANY time if you are unsure about the SIZING:


    100% Linen, available in multiple colors. 


    Hand-wash in cold water, dry on a clothes hanger.


    All prices are retail prices in Euro, all taxes included. 


  • Linen is a material that has a natural elegance and is suitable for all seasons. It feels cool in the summer and retains warmth in the winter, especially when layered.


    Made from flax plant fibers, it is strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton. 


    It wrinkles more than other fibers, but this is also the charm of the material and we love it!


    Hand or machine wash linen in low temperatures or cold with mild detergent and a gentle cycle of max 400 turns. 


    Do not tumble dry! Dry it on a clothes hanger and straighten it out to minimize the effort of ironing or steaming. The dress might appear smaller after washing and will find back to its original size after ironing or steaming it.


    Try to rinse or soak any stains immediately and use natural stain soaps if needed. Simple soap will remove make-up stains easily. Avoid rubbing the fabric since this could affect the color. 


    Linen is a natural fiber so washing and wearing will likely cause slight changes over time, but in our eyes it only increases the natural beauty of the fabric.




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