This flower power dress by South Korean label BY YOON will let your heart beat faster.

It pushes all the right buttons when it comes to elevating our dreams and thoughts to happier and sunnier places! 


€ 125,00Price

    100% Rayon, available in multiple prints.

    All prices are retail prices in Euro, all taxes included. 

  • The fabric used for this dress is woven very loosely in order to achieve the crepe -look. That makes the material as delicate as satin. Tearing or rubbing will cause a relocation of the threads which will appear like „holes“

    To avoid that, follow these care instructions:  

    • wash as delicates, 30 degrees celcius, 400 spin cycle
    • Use a laundry bag
    • Do not tumble dry 

    After washing the crepe-look will come out stronger and therefor the dress will appear smaller - it will get back to its original sizing after steaming or ironing . 

    Try to rinse or soak any stains immediately and use natural stain soaps if needed. Simple soap will remove make-up stains easily. Avoid rubbing the fabric since this could affect the weaving. 



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